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Duct Cleaning For Pet Hair and Dander Air Removal

     If you have a dog or cat, you probably know the danger of pet hair and dander in the air. This material collects in the air ducts and then gets mixed with other contaminants. The resulting clogging of the ducts disrupts air circulation, causing problems such as mold and odors of dampness. You may also notice that you are tired or depressed a lot more frequently, which are symptoms of pet dander in the air.
If you've got a pet and are concerned about allergy symptoms, it is crucial to have your air ducts cleaned regularly. However, it's easy to overlook air duct cleaning and simply dust counters or carpets. Pet dander can remain in the air for months, and if it is not removed, the particles will stay in the air filter. To prevent this problem, it is best to have professional air duct cleaning done by a reputable company.
If you have a pet, it is crucial to invest in a HEPA filter. This filter will catch pet dander particles, which are as small as a hair strand. HEPA filters are designed to remove pet dander from the air, but they can't clean dander that has stuck to surfaces. A professional air duct cleaning service will get rid of the dander that has built up on duct surfaces. This process also offers a more thorough level of dander removal than air filtration or air purification.
     A professional pet dander air duct cleaning service is important for people who have pet allergies. Many people suffer from allergies and have difficulty breathing. Pet dander is a common cause of asthma and hay fever. Some pets are hypoallergenic, while others aren't. Whatever your case, Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration can help you breathe easier. We'll clean your air ducts and eliminate the allergy-causing particles.
     In addition to reducing pet allergies and improving air quality, air duct cleaning will eliminate pet dander from the air. Pet dander is a common allergen, and just like dandruff on humans, it remains on surfaces and airways and eventually makes its way into the circulatory ducts of your home. When these allergens get inside, the air inside the ducts can be spread throughout the entire home, and the pet hair and skin can slow the airflow through the vents.
     The presence of pet dander is a common cause of allergies. Pet dander is microscopic skin cells that slough off to make room for new ones. It is even present in non-shedding pets. Regular bathing can eliminate the dander contributions in your home and improve the quality of your indoor air. However, brushing doesn't remove the dander from the skin and isn't a great solution for this problem. We also offer Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to further remove allergens from your home or office.

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